This is a list of sites that I use to generate Internet income without any money out of my pocket. If you choose to use them also, you can make money without any investment on your part.

NOTE: I only add sites to this page that I have confirmed payments from.

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Mining One of the best ways to make money online is through mining. During mining, you basically loan out your idle processing time and get paid for doing it. You don’t have to spend time watching ads or anything else and takes your attention.
By using the CryptoTab browser, you use an equivelent of a Google Chrome browser for your normal web browsing…just do what you normally do.
Another good mining program is called HoneyGain. This is actually an app that you install on your device that runs in the background. Now that I have it installed and running, I don’t even notice it. Plus, if you introduce the program you anyone else, you get a commission on what they earn. I currently have it installed on five devices (two laptops and three phones) and it has been earning around 20 to 30 cents a day. At that rate, it takes about four months to accumulate the $20.00 minimum withdrawal. However, that is a better daily income than most free programs. It pays in US Dollars directly to your PayPal account.
Wallets Wallets are like bank account except they store cryptocurrencies. These are most of the ones I use.

I use Coinbase for my regular online transactions. There are fees associated with your Coinbase wallets. However, Coinbase has the ability to purchase cryptocoins from your bank account. NOTE: You must wait six days before you can move cryptocoins purchased from your bank account outside of Coinbase. One other site worth mentioning is Waves. This wallet also has a multitude of currencies and has a trade feature that will allow you to offer up almost any coin to be traded for just about any other coin. The main reason I use this site is because it manages two site specific tokens utilized by programs I promote (ASIMI and WESA). This gives me the option to take advantage of certain discounts in regards to using these currencies on those sites.